Based in Toronto we provide market research and consumer insights to companies across Canada and around the world. With over 90% of our clients coming back for more Research & Incite, we add real value to business decisions by being a close and trusted advisor. Thriving on our clients' business challenges, we are proud of the relationships we have built with some of the world's best-known brands.

What makes Research & Incite different is our focus on the ‘why,’ uncovering the business implications behind the data. This provides our clients with the necessary information and action points to drive brand growth.

Our dedicated team view their role as being the client’s trusted partner. It is this approach that has enabled Research & Incite to build strong, endurable relationships with clients over the years.

  • By providing an ever evolving toolkit of proprietary techniques, we maintain a focus on innovation.
  • We aim to think differently, approaching each new project with fresh eyes, providing solutions to complex business issues.



Research & Incite has specialized in and been at the forefront of innovation for over 25 years providing strategic research solutions to create and confirm new product ideas.

Our proprietary Innovation Circle is a framework of validated tools to create, optimize and confirm new product ideas to maximize in-market success.

The approach is truly prescriptive incorporating instructive diagnostics to not only confirm but also refine and optimize new product ideas. All supported by a robust and rich database of normative scores for benchmarking.


At any one point the shopper is faced with a multitude of distractions vying for their attention. The integration of digital with bricks & mortar continues to increase the complexities of these channels.

We recognize the onerous task brands face in breaking through and our approaches provide informative solutions to understand, measure and influence shopper behaviour.

Our partnership with The Central Group (a performance at retail company) provides a one stop shop and closer integration of insights with design to maximize your Marketing at Retail Investment.

This work and experience in understanding and informing Shoppers across alternate retail channels provides a backdrop to our Packaging Solutions. Instructive techniques undertaken either On-Line or In-Situ to provide clear direction on the standout, persuasion and communication for new packaging designs within each shopper environment.


There continues to be debate regarding the value and role of the brand in driving purchase behaviour as consumers interact with brands across an increasing and varying number of channels with price continuing to play an ever increasing role.

For us, the equity of the brand continues to be a key influencer on purchase behaviour but this should be measured in the context of a person’s connections with the brand in terms of the qualities and loyalties they hold to this brand, coupled with additional in-market factors that influence purchase.

This premise forms the foundation of our Brand Equity model, a tool frequently incorporated into Brand Health Measurement studies and the brand assessment portion of U&As.


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